Masks for DeafBlind and Providers

May 1, 2020

How to make masks:

Where to get materials:

More resources:

Contact - Sofia German: | (617) 505 - 4823 VP | (617) 520 - 4433 V


Hello, I’m Elaine Ducharme, DBCAN Program Director.

Do you have sewing skills? We are looking for volunteers to make more than 100 cloth masks for DBCAN consumers and providers.

Providers support DeafBlind people with essential needs, like going food shopping or ordering food delivery, getting medicine, and keeping informed. Now, it is dangerous for providers and DeafBlind people to be close. Masks will help keep everyone safe.

See links in the description for directions on how to make masks and where you can get materials at no cost.

If you have masks or can make masks to donate, please contact Sofia German at the contact information in the description for more information. Thank you!

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