Independent Living (IL)

Our IL program supports Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults 18 and up with achieving their goals. We provide support with applying for benefits, housing, accessing health care and health information, a support group for Deaf parents, as well as peer-based advocacy and skills training. We also make referrals to other services as needed.

Independent Living

IL provides information and referrals and advocacy, peer support, and skills development in many areas, such as:

1) Finding affordable housing

2) Obtaining health insurance, healthcare, including long-term support services

3) Support with the immigration and naturalization process

4) Support for Deaf parents

5) Increasing knowledge and skills for health and independence, including basic English, money management, and using public transportation

6) Connecting to other programs and services for assistance with benefits, finances, legal issues, transportation services, and more.

Assistive Technology

Hearing aids, assistive listening devices, videophones, captioned and amplified phones, and visual doorbell, fire, carbon monoxide, and baby cry detectors, are all types of assistive technology that provide independence and safety at home.

We help identify specific technologies that meet an individual’s needs and provide information about funding options available for acquiring equipment.

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Support for Deaf Parents

Led by a Deaf parent for other Deaf parents, our Deaf parent support services provide advocacy, peer support, parenting skills training, social events, workshops, and support with schools and the Department of Children and Families. In-home support is available for Deaf parents unable to travel.

Workshops, held twice monthly at our Boston office, cover topics like teaching children to read, fostering positive relationships with teachers and the school, stress management, and talking about alcohol and drugs with kids.

Deaf Health

Deaf Health provides long-term support service (LTSS) coordination to individuals referred to us by Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA), a One Care provider. CCA members who wish to receive Deaf-accessible LTSS coordination through DEAF, Inc. should contact CCA Member Services.

On a limited basis, Deaf Health also provides basic health education in 1:1 and group settings, and support with healthcare system navigation. Deaf Health is based in our Boston office, but we collaborate with our regional offices and partner with other agencies to meet individual and community needs for health information and support.

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