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  • Regional Director of Independent Living Services, Boston Metro Region

Meet Our New Executive Director


Hello! I am Darian Gambrell, the new DEAF, Inc. Executive Director. I want to thank each one of you for your emails, FB messages, texts, and phone calls. It has been a humbling experience thus far, thank you again! 

Who am I? I learned ASL at the age of 10. At that time, my family lived in a small town in Virginia. They decided to make the move to a bigger city, Washington, DC, because there were better opportunities for me. I am forever grateful for my family for making this life changing decision. After learning ASL, I went to Gallaudet University for my BA and MA. I worked at Gallaudet for 16 years then moved to North Carolina to be closer to my family. At that time, my mother lived in NC, and I wanted to be closer to her. I worked as a Manager at the Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing regional center in Raleigh, NC.  My work has always been in the community, and I love it! In my free time I enjoy going to plays, short get-away trips, learning the history of different towns and cities, and much more!

The positive energy you give me will go towards DEAF, Inc’s mission to inspire the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind and Late-Deafened communities on self-determination and awareness of your rights. This is not the work of 1 person but a community which is a team. Your partnership with us is valuable, and resources will always be exchanged.

There is so much I want to share, but I am committed that we will meet! More information about where we can meet each other will be shared with the community in the next few months. 

Did you know on September 19th the Red Sox is hosting Deaf Day? I will be there! I hope you already bought your ticket to have an afternoon of fun while being safe to cheer on the team! Here is the link to purchase tickets: 


You may reach me by email at frontdesk@deafinconline.org or by VP at 617-505-4823 to meet me. 

I want to thank you again for the wonderful welcome. See you soon!

DEAF, Inc. Welcomes Darian Burwell Gambrell as its new Executive Director


[Video Description: A white female with dark shoulder length hair is wearing glasses, golden earrings, and a grey shirt with a black cardigan and black background.]

Sheryl Spera

Executive Director Search Committee Member and Board Member

DEAF, Inc. is embarking on an exciting new chapter. DEAF, Inc. has selected as its new Executive Director, Darian Burwell Gambrell, effective September 2021! Gambrell succeeds Sharon Applegate, who will retire this month after 18 years of service to DEAF, Inc.

The organization is the only Massachusetts community-based, multi-service nonprofit run by and for Deaf (Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened) adults. DEAF, Inc. is founded on the principle of self-determination and the rights of Deaf people to identify their own goals and follow through on achieving them, taking increasingly independent charge of their lives.

The search, which was first announced in March 2021, was led by a search committee of staff members and Board representatives and facilitated by Innivee Strategies, Inc., a Deaf-owned and led organizational and leadership development company.

[Video Description: A white male with short brown hair is wearing a light blue buttoned shirt with a navy blue coat and a blue background.]

Wesley Ireland

Board President

The search process attracted a group of excellent candidates who brought their unique experiences and vision for the organization. We are excited to welcome Darian Burwell Gambrell as DEAF, Inc.’s new Executive Director. She is a true champion of the community. Darian impressed the search committee and the Board with her transformative leadership philosophy and the depth of experience she brings to the role.

[Video Description: A dark brown female with short curly black curly hair is wearing a light blue blouse with navy blue cardigan. She is wearing a silver necklace and earrings standing in front of a light grey background.]

Darian Burwell Gambrell

Incoming Executive Director 

DEAF Inc. has had an amazing impact on the Massachusetts community over the past 44 years through its educational and human services. I look forward to getting to know the many people and groups who have been impacted by and supported DEAF, Inc., and building a shared vision for the organization’s future together.  Thank you for your confidence in me to continue to lead DEAF, Inc.’s vision. I look forward to meeting with the staff, community members, and current/new partnerships in the Massachusetts area. One of my priorities at DEAF, INC will be to expand visibility on the top services and resources DEAF, Inc.  has to provide. I can’t wait to meet you! 

[Video Description: A white female with dark shoulder length hair is wearing glasses, golden earrings, and a grey shirt with a black cardigan and black background]

Sheryl Spera

Executive Director Search Committee Member and Board Member

Since 2017, Gambrell has been a manager at the Raleigh regional center of the North Carolina Division of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, which has seven regional centers across the state. Prior to this role, Gambrell was well-known at Gallaudet University for her student-centered management; she oversaw the Office of Student Success and had a leadership role in the university’s JumpStart and Peer Mentoring programs for incoming students. Gambrell has worked in several positions in non-profit, colleges, and state agencies throughout her career. She is a current member on the Board of Trustees at Gallaudet University and a former board member for Arts Access, Inc. Gambrell hosts community conversations and workshops and has since cultivated a reputation as an engaging facilitator on diversity and inclusion dialogues. 

[Video Description: A bald white male with a black beard is wearing a grey suit jacket and collared white shirt, standing in front of a grey background.]

Shane Feldman

CEO - Innivee Strategies

Hello! My name is Shane Feldman. I am the CEO for Innivee Strategies, Inc. The DEAF, Inc. Executive Director search committee and board did an incredible job in leading the search process in collaboration with our company. The process was co-created and designed with an emphasis on involving stakeholders and building trust in the search and selection process. Their efforts resulted in the selection of Darian Burwell Gambrell, the new Executive Director of DEAF, Inc. Her qualifications, leadership, and vision are parallel with what the organization and community shared that they wanted from the new DEAF, Inc. Executive Director. Both DEAF, Inc. and Innivee Strategies, Inc. wish to extend their appreciation to the DEAF, Inc. community members who contributed to the search process and to all individuals who applied for the role.

Biweekly Vlog - November 19, 2021


We had a successful CommUnity Virtual Dinner event last week! Over 100 people attended! We were so thrilled to see many of you. It was FUN and we had a lot of laughs! For those who missed the event, we still have the streaming video posted on the DEAF, Inc. Facebook page.  Find it there and enjoy! 

We have two new job openings: DBCAN Admin Assistant/Co-Navigator and DHILS Admin Assistant. For more info, please go to the job website page. www.deafinconline.org/jobs

Please apply, we need you!

American Sign Language (ASL)/Russian Sign Language (RSL) class registration is now open!

Join us to learn RSL in a fun, interactive environment. This class will take place virtually via Zoom. This course is open to anyone who has completed ASL 2 or equivalent. 

When: Wednesdays January 12th - March 16th from 6:00 - 8:00pm EST (10 weeks).

Instructor: Elvira Livchits is Deaf and was born in Russia to a Deaf family. She attended a residential school for the Deaf and is a native RSL signer. 

Tuition: $250 (no textbook required). To secure your spot, register and pay by January 3rd, 2022. Register at www.deafinconline.org/asl. Contact asl@deafinconline.org with questions.

Michelle Wu, the first woman and person of color elected to be mayor of Boston, was sworn in on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. The 36-year-old, whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan, grew up in Chicago and moved to Boston to attend Harvard University and Harvard Law School. Wu won Boston's mayoral election just two weeks ago with 60% of the vote to replace former Mayor Marty Walsh, who left for a presidential cabinet position.

Almost all of Massachusetts is again considered high-risk for COVID-19 transmission as new daily cases and breakthrough cases tick up. As COVID cases grow across New England, so do concerns from health officials, especially as holiday gatherings approach. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its guidance for navigating the 2021 holiday season.

  • Because many generations tend to gather to celebrate holidays, the best way to minimize COVID-19 risk and keep your family and friends safer is to get vaccinated if you’re eligible.
  • Celebrating outdoors is safer than indoors, and you should avoid crowded, poorly ventilated spaces.  If you’re planning to spend time indoors, masks are very much encouraged. 
  • Everyone, even people who are fully vaccinated, is required to wear a mask on public transportation.
  • If you are sick or have COVID-like symptoms, do not host, or attend a gathering. The best way to ensure you don't have COVID, is to get tested. 

DEAF, Inc. CommUNITY Virtual Dinner Let's Reconnect Vlog
November 2, 2021

[Image Description: Blue Background. A light skinned female with dirty blonde hair is wearing a dark navy-blue shirt with DEAF, Inc.’s logo] 

Ashley: Hi! What are you doing Tuesday, November 9th? 6pm-8pm? 

We’re hosting our annual virtual CommUNITY Dinner: Let’s Reconnect! What’s that? We’ll be meeting new and old faces on Zoom! Doing what? Watching plenty of entertainment while celebrating getting together again after a long tough year.

[Image Description: Blue background. A light-skinned woman with dark brown curly hair is wearing a dark navy-blue shirt with DEAF, Inc.’s logo.] 

Cynthia: Have dinner plans at that time? No problem! Feel free to eat dinner watching our event.  

Ashley: Is this event free? Of course, this event is FREE! No admission fees. 

Cynthia: We will have entertainment! Do you want to know??? Give me a second…

[Close out. Black screen. New screen shows pictures of Linsay Darnall Jr. and Jeff Greer] 

Cynthia: See them? They will be our entertainers for the event! We’re looking forward to having them join us! 

Ashley: Also, we will have a special DEAF, Inc. Food Network show starting Darian Burwell Gambrell. She will share her favorite dish and how important it is to her! Don’t get too hungry while watching. 

Cynthia: We have more surprises. Want to know? You’ll have to join us to see.  

Ashley: Want to join? Please register for our event at www.bitly.com/deafinc-community-event or contact the Front Desk or contact the Front Desk via E-mail or VP/V. Our contact information will be shown. It is not required but HIGHLY encouraged. 

[close out – black screen] 

Ashley: We must thank Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) for supporting DeafBlind interpreters and the following organizations for helping our event become successful: Sorenson, Kramer Wealth Management, Diglo, Captel/Ultratec. See you all there!

[Image: Logos of Sorenson, Diglo, Kramer Wealth Management, Captel/Ultratec] 

[DEAF, Inc. Logo slide] 

2021 CommUNITY Virtual Dinner
September 16, 2021

[Video begins with the DEAF, Inc. logo centered atop a white background, with NEWS below it.]

[Image Description: Blue background. Light-skinned woman with dark brown curly hair. She has glasses. She is wearing a dark navy-blue shirt with DEAF, Inc.’s logo on the left side of her shirt.] 

[Image Description: Blue Background. Light-skinned woman with dirty-blonde hair with straight hair. She is wearing a dark navy-blue shirt with DEAF, Inc.’s logo on the left side of her shirt.] 

Cynthia: Hi! My name is Cynthia Bartlett and I work for DEAF, Inc. in the Cape Cod region.  

Ashley: Hi! My name is Ashley Kingston and I work for DEAF, Inc. in the Boston region. 

Cynthia: Hi! We have a special announcement for you! Want to know? 

Ashley: Yes! Tell me, I want to know! 

Cynthia: What are you doing on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021 at 6-8pm?  

Ashley: I don’t know. That’s far ahead! What’s happening that day?

Cynthia: SAVE THE DATE for DEAF, Inc’s CommUNITY Virtual Dinner: Let’s Reconnect! 

Ashley: Wow! Awesome! Tuesday, November 9th, 2021. 6-pm. I will put on my calendar. What will happen? No dinner like before? How do we reconnect?

Cynthia: It will be a Zoom event. No dinner provided by us but feel free to eat dinner while watching our event. We will have plenty of entertainment. 

Ashley: Wow. That sounds really cool! Will we find out who is be providing entertainment? 

Cynthia: YES! We will share more information as time goes. Stay Tuned! 

Ashley: Don’t forget, SAVE THE DATE! Tuesday, November 9th. CommUNITY Dinner: Let’s Reconnect!  

[Black transition to close] 

Ashley: We will have communication access for everyone because everyone is welcome to join! We will provide ASL, English, and captioning. If you need DeafBlind interpreting, contact us frontdesk@deafinconline.org 617-505-4823 VP/V. Looking forward to seeing you all!

[Video fades to a white background with the DEAF, Inc. logo in the center, then fades to black.]

MassHealth Provides Transportation for Vaccination
May 21, 2021

Need a vaccine, Need a lift?

MassHealth provides transportation for vaccination

1. MassHealth under One Care plan (or Senior Care Options, or PACE)?

2. Contact your health plan or PACE provider.

3. MassHealth or Health Safety Net – call 800-841-2900

Lyft  (up to $15 each trip) to and from vaccination sites.

If you want to help someone you know get their shot, you can book a ride to pick them up (details below).

How to send a ride

1. Tap search bar on home screen of Lyft App

2. Tap the ‘me’ button at top

3. Helping someone else -Tap – add rider and follow the prompts

4. Enter pickup location and vaccination destination

5. Ride recipient must have own Lyft account and will see ride details in their app

UBER  (up to $15 each trip) to and from vaccination sites.

1. Sign in to your Walgreens.com account, create a new account or schedule an appointment as a guest. 

2. You must complete the process as a guest if you’re scheduling an appointment on behalf of someone else

3. Complete a quick eligibility screening.

4. If you’re eligible, we’ll look for available COVID-19 vaccination appointments based on your age and location.

5. Schedule new appointment

6. The app will bring you back to selecting a ride and pickup time

7. You can also reserve ride for 2nd dose

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ASL Program

DEAF, Inc. offers American Sign Language (ASL) classes for adults interested in learning the language and Deaf culture in the US. DEAF, Inc. also hosts monthly ASL social events.

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