A wide variety of assistive technology is available to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened adults, including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Hearing aids

2. Assistive listening devices (ALD) including FM, infrared, and loop systems, pocket talkers

3. Telecommunications equipment such as TTYs, captioned or amplified phones, videophones

4. Visual/flashing doorbells, baby cry signalers, and fire strobes/shakers, and carbon monoxide detectors.

5. And more.

DEAF, Inc. can help you identify which of the many agencies or programs might be able to provide the equipment or funding for the equipment you need.  

For telecommunication equipment - we provide support and referral for the variety of programs providing equipment, most at no charge to the individual.

For hearing aids and home assistive technology, the situation is more complex.

In some cases, a third party is legally responsible for providing assistive technology as a form of reasonable accommodation.

In other cases, health insurance, services received from other state agencies (i.e., MRC or MCB), income, etc. different programs are available to provide technology.

DEAF, Inc. receives federal funding through the Title VII, Part B (7B) program for the purchase of assistive technology for qualified individuals.

Visit our FAQ page for information to help identify if a landlord is responsible for providing equipment, and if our Assistive Technology program is right for you.

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