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August 30, 2019

Are you a Deaf or Hard of Hearing (D/HH) woman who has given birth in the last 5 years? If so, you may be eligible to participate in this University of Michigan research study and receive $50.

¿Es usted una mujer sorda o con dificultades auditivas que ha dado a luz en los últimos cinco años? Si contestó que sí, tal vez cumpla con los requisitos para participar en este estudio de investigación de la Universidad de Michigan (University of Michigan) y para recibir $50.

Get more information at / Obtenga más información en

Questions? Please contact / ¿Tienes preguntas? contacto
Margarita M. Cooley, MA, CRC, CI
Sign Language / Spanish Interpreter
917-673-5510 or

[id: a close up of a mom and a newborn baby. The mom is smiling, both have their eyes closed. Title says "Participate in our study to make healthcare better for moms who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing - If you are a Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) woman who has given birth in the last five years, we
need your help!"]

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