Deaf and Hard of Hearing Constituents Day 2020

Events & Workshops
January 8, 2020


Hello, my name is Betsy Ireland. As chair of the Statewide Advisory Council for MCDHH, I invite you to come to the State House on Monday, March 30th for the 2020 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Constituents Day. Join us for a morning presentation of speakers, awards and legislators from 10am – noon in the Great Hall.  If you enter the State House at the Ashburton Park entrance, the elevator will drop you on the second floor close by to that room. There will be ASL, CDI and CART communication access providers. Assistive Listening Devices will be available at the event upon request. To request close vision/tactile interpreters please email: Hana Hanigan at the email address shown on the screen (Ami.Hanigan@MassMail.State.MA.US). Deadline for communication access requests is: March 2.


Join us on March 30th, partnering with our legislators to support and improve access and services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults and children throughout Massachusetts.

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