Consumer Spotlights

May 20, 2020

Consumer Spotlight: Randy

"Recently IL staff from DEAF, Inc. taught me several skills to be independent during social distancing.

I experienced for the first time using my Sorenson VP to make a three way call to have a team meeting.

I also received skill training for Zoom. I was able to download the program on my mobile phone and tablet.

I independently followed step by step instructions to set up my own Zoom account and get my own Meeting ID.

I was thrilled to learn new ways to use technology to stay connected. I am thankful to the IL staff who checked up on me and made sure I am able to keep in touch with everyone.

I am looking forward to joining Vocabulary and Math Classes and IL workshops using Zoom."

Read more about how DEAF, Inc. continues to help people just like Randy succeed during the coronavirus pandemic:

[Picture of a three-way Sorenson call with two IL staff and Randy]

Consumer Spotlight: VM

“Before, I had very limited ways to keep in touch with people, since I did not have a cell phone. Two weeks ago Tabatha Patrican, the Lead IL Specialist, helped me connect with Bonnie Kaplan, a Deaf Sprint Representative at Sprint Relay, to buy an iPhone and sign up for a Sprint plan.

Today Tabatha taught me how to set up my iPhone with an iCloud account, find the Apple Store, download the Sorenson Ntouch app, and many more features. I will have a follow-up appointment to learn how to use the Zoom app and how to take pictures of letters I get and send them by email to Tabatha so she can help me understand what they say.

I am very happy that I have so many more ways to access services and connect with people through my iPhone. Thank you to Tabatha for working with me remotely to teach me these skills!”

[photo of VM smiling, holding her new iPhone]

Consumer spotlight: Marie Beaudoin

“I had a team meeting through my Sorenson videophone using the 3 way call feature, which I had never used before. IL staff wanted to make sure I knew how to stay safe from COVID-19 by wearing a mask. I didn’t have a mask, so the Health Specialist, Samantha McDonald, showed me how to make one from a bandana. I was able to make my own with her instructions.

During the call Samantha realized I did not know how to open a file attached to an email. Samantha taught me how to do that so I could open a file with information about masks.

I was glad to learn 3 skills during this appointment! I learned how to use Sorenson 3-way call, make a mask, and use email to open an attached file. Thank you DEAF, Inc. staff!”

[photo of Samantha showing Marie how to make a mask through a Sorenson VP]

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