Community Engagement Coordinator

Job Description & Application

Job Title: Community Engagement Coordinator (full-time, 35 hrs/wk, hybrid)

Description: The Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) is part of the Advocacy, Resources, and Education Services (ARES) team. The CEC is responsible for coordinating and providing community engagement activities, including outreach, education, and information and referrals. This role requires multidisciplinary skills and will focus primarily on expanding awareness of ARES services using creative and accessible approaches.  The CEC will also support other ARES managers in executing program goals. DEAF, Inc. is a Deaf-affirmative workplace and ASL is the primary language used.

Duties and Responsibilities:

   - Represent the agency at internal and external events, and demonstrate professionalism and genuine intent to build relationships 

    - Proactively identify opportunities for hosting exhibits and information sessions 

    - Respond to requests for outreach, follow-up, and coordinate 

    - Collaborate with program managers on assigned outreach plans 

    - Document all outreach activities and submit timely reports as assigned 

    - Share information and feedback garnered from outreach activities with program managers, including barriers, challenges, and opportunities 

    - Provide partial and scheduled coverage for remote front desk operations 

    - Respond in real-time to calls that the agency receives, and document or relay messages as appropriate 

    - Respond to Information & Referrals and document as appropriate 

    - Provide operational support to ARES managers 

    - Participate in meetings and take minutes as assigned 

    - Execute other duties as assigned 

Required Qualifications: 

   - Fluent in written English 

   - Conversational skills in American Sign Language 

   - Ability to communicate clearly and promptly 

   - Able to work independently and within teams in both remote and in-person environments 

  - Execute duties with genuine intention to promote DEAF, Inc. services 

  - Ability to be creative in design and outreach methods 

  - Strong organizational and time management skills 

  - Some experience in public relations, marketing, and public speaking 

  - Able to travel independently and reliably 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  - Awareness of issues facing Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened people 

  - Conversational skills in Spanish 

  - Experience recording videos on social media platforms 

  - Experience with supervision or providing mentorship a plus 

Supervision: This position reports to the Assistant Director of ARES.

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