Recycle Smart Workshop

August 30, 2019

Want to learn more about recycling? To learn how you can recycle smarter, come to our workshop.

Date: Friday, September 20, 2019, 10:00am – 12pm

Address: 370 Merrimack St Bldg 5, Suite 205 Lawrence, MA 01843

Presented By: Lorena Salazar

[id: Recycle Smart graphic shows to recycle things that are: metal (food and beverage cans), plastic (bottles, jars, jugs, and tubs), glass (bottles and jars), paper and cardboard (mixed paper, newspaper, magazines, boxes). Don’t recycle: garbage, plastic bags or wrap, food or liquid, clothing or linens, or tanglers (hoses, wires, chains or electronics). Graphic from]

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