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Class Schedule and Registration

DEAF, Inc. offers American Sign Language (ASL) classes for adults interested in learning the language and Deaf culture in the US. DEAF, Inc. also hosts monthly ASL social events.

Class Information

DEAF, Inc. hosts classes four semesters a year

Summer starts the second week of July, classes meet twice a week and run for 5 weeks.

Fall starts the second week of September, classes meet once a week and runs for 10 weeks.

Winter semester starts the second week of January, classes meet once a week and runs for 10 weeks.

Spring semester starts the second week of April, classes meet once a week and runs for 10 weeks.

Registration opens shortly after the previous semester begins. Subscribe to our email list below or follow us on Facebook to be notified of class schedule releases and special events.

DEAF, Inc. Now Uses the True+Way ASL Curriculum

True+Way ASL is a technology-driven curriculum that provides online videos and interactive activities.  TWA’s main objective is to promote real-world conversations related to student’s daily lives with the goal of students being able to converse with Deaf people in the community. Find out more at

Tuition for all classes is $250, all inclusive. Sometimes we have special promotions or discounts, which we will announce through email and Facebook.

Meet Our ASL Instructors

DEAF, Inc.'s American Sign Language (ASL) classes are easy-paced and fun-filled.  Our classes are taught by experienced Deaf instructors who are fluent ASL users.  

To learn more about our ASL Instructors, click Meet our ASL Instructors. Weekly classes are offered in 10-week sessions, fall, winter, and spring; in the summer, we offer classes twice weekly for 5 weeks.

Meet Our ASL Instructors

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