Volunteering at DEAF, Inc.

Group of smiling volunteers in red shirts

Volunteers at Project HOPE's Health Fair take a break for a group picture.

There are many opportunities for volunteers and interns at DEAF, Inc., from working with direct service projects, to planning and staffing events, to grant writing, photography, and more. Volunteers and interns will work in a Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened-positive setting that is sign-language based, an environment that offers a unique, rich language and cultural immersion experience.

We welcome volunteers and unpaid interns who have at least basic sign language communication skills and who are eager to learn and can share in the spirit of supporting others. Opportunities are available at our Boston office and regional offices in New Bedford, Salem, and Taunton.

Possible opportunities include:

•  Administration (including reception at our Boston office)
•  Development (background in grant-writing and fundraising)
•  Finance Department (background in accounting & finance preferred)
•  Independent Living Services
•  Project HOPE
•  Senior Independent Living Services

DEAF, Inc. also seeks volunteers to help planning and staffing annual community events, including the following:

•  Annual Meeting
•  Spring Fundraiser
•  Annual Thanksgiving Dinner (held before Thanksgiving Day)
•  Annual Community Picnic (held in July)
•  Annual Deaf Community Health Fair (held in the spring)

Requirements for an Internship or to Volunteer

•  To ensure basic conversational signing ability, volunteers and interns must have completed ASL 2 or have had at least one year of ASL class instruction.
•  We ask that volunteers commit to at least 3 hours a week for 3 months, or some other fixed duration mutually agreed upon by DEAF, Inc. and the volunteer/intern.
•  A background CORI check is required for all volunteers and interns, not including special event volunteers. (Note: this can take up to 1-2 weeks, so please plan ahead if you are volunteering to fulfill an academic requirement or are interested in an internship.)

To inquire about specific volunteer and internship opportunities, please contact us.

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