Guests Thanksgiving dinner guests share a laugh around the table.

Thanksgiving dinner guests share a laugh.

If you are a Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, or Late-Deafened person aged 60 or older, and living in the City of Boston, DEAF, Inc.'s Senior Independent Living program can provide information and advocacy to help you remain safe and independent in your own home. Many of the seniors we serve have begun losing their hearing late in life. We provide information and support to remain involved in your activities and adapt to the communication and lifestyle changes that result from hearing loss. All our services are individualized to meet your specific needs. We are also happy to provide information and referrals to families.

You can get information about a variety of assistive technologies to support your independence and learn how you can get what you need and how to use them. Our Senior IL staff can meet you at our office, at your home, or another location. We can survey your home for assistive technology and home safety needs. We can also help ensure that you have appropriate, accessible housing; financial stability, determine if you are eligible for financial benefits, and help you apply for those benefits; assess your transportation needs; determine if you have appropriate, sufficient health insurance and understand how to use it and available medical services effectively. We can help you find immigration assistance, and more. We can also offer you supported referrals, and connect you to other senior service providers, Deaf service providers, and other disability services as needed.

Home assistive technologies are available to seniors, often at no cost, from a variety of state and federal programs. Some of the common home assistive technologies that you might find helpful include the following:

•  amplified phones, captioned telephones, videophones, and TTYs;
•  assistive listening devices (ALD) and hearing aids;
•  doorbell signaling devices;
•  fire/smoke and carbon monoxide alerting devices;

Information and Supported Referrals

At DEAF, Inc.'s Senior Independent Living Services program, you and your family, friends or other service providers can get answers to a wide variety of questions. We can provide information and supported referrals to other programs that can address your need. DEAF, Inc. also offers technical assistance and training for other providers (including medical professionals and local human service agencies) who want to improve accessibility of their services for Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened people. For links to resources and information about major programs and services serving the Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened community, please visit our Resources page.

If you would like to request Senior IL services for yourself or someone else, click here.

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