Scene opens with a view of Fenway Park. Then, in front of the stadium entrance, Sunit, a short-haired man in a Red Sox shirt wearing glasses and Terry, with short white hair and also wearing glasses and a Red Sox shirt, appear from opposite ends of the screen. Sunit has a foam finger in his hand.

TERRY: Hey Sunit! (signs Sunit’s name)

SUNIT: What’s up, Terry? (signs Terry’s name)

TERRY: Did you know that the 5th annual DHH Night is here at Fenway Park? Are you ready?

Sunit excitedly signs YES and waves the foam finger as he and Terry walk into the stadium. Scene fades out and opens with Terry and Sunit standing in front of a brick wall adorned with Red Sox memorabilia. Sunit attempts to sign excitedly while holding the foam finger. Terry chuckles and removes it from Sunit’s hand and puts it on the ground.

TERRY: It’s hard to see your signing with that foam finger on.

SUNIT: Sorry, Terry. I was saying that DEAF, Inc. and I are really excited to partner with you and Our Deaf Survivors Center (ODSC) for the 5th Annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Night here at Fenway Park. Are you excited?

TERRY: Oh yes, ODSC and I are really excited too. It’s one of the best gatherings of the year, because you see the whole Deaf community come together, and you’ll see the interpreters on the field signing the national anthem. It’s so inspiring.

SUNIT: Yes, I agree. My favorite memory was the first time seeing ourselves as a group on the Jumbotron with ASL signing! It’s really nice. (Sunit faces the camera.) Come join us, DEAF, Inc. and ODSC for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Night. Where? Here at Fenway Park. When? September 12, 2018. Come make memories of your own!

Screen fades and opens with Sunit and Terry standing in front of the Sam Deck, with a bar in the background.

TERRY: Here at the Sam Deck, we will have a pregame social from 5:40-6:40pm. Here is where you can meet and catch up with old or new friends, eat, drink and socialize, and that includes D, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing! Come, socialize and enjoy the opregame social before the game.

SUNIT: Hey Terry. I heard that this year we may have some special guests…

TERRY: Yes, the NTID reunion will join us here at the game.

SUNIT: At 6:40pm, as a group, we will want to start finding our seats before the pregame ceremony because we will have interpeters and members of the local Deaf Community on the field signing the national anthem and the team roster. You won’t want to miss it!

Scene fades and opens with Terry and Sunit in the stadium, with spectator seats behind them.

TERRY: It’s important to use this special link: You can also buy tickets on ODSC and DEAF, Inc.’s website.

SUNIT: Yes, it’s very important to buy your tickets at the Groupmatics Deaf and Hard of Hearing website because we as the Deaf community will all sit together. You can pick between grandstand and right field box seats. Both are very nice.

TERRY: It’s also important to use the special website because when you buy tickets, a portion of the proceeds go to who?

SUNIT: To support DEAF, Inc. and ODSC!

SUNIT: Also, both sections of seats are perfect for viewing the interpreters and Deaf members who will be performing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch. It’s important that you see it!

TERRY: So tell your friends and family to come join and support Team ODSC and Temam DEAf, Inc. and cheer on the Red Sox! They will play the Toronto Blue Jays. So come, have fun, get together, celebrate 5 years! Support wonderful organizaitons like DEAF, Inc. and ODSC!

Sunit and Terry sit down. Sunit puts his foam finger back on and raises both arms to cheer excitedly. Terry chuckles.

Scene fades to black, then on-screen text appears: 5th Annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ngiht at Fenway Park on September 12, 2018. For tickets in the Deaf & Hard of Hearing section, go to $5 from each ticket will be donated by the Red Sox to ODSC and DEAF, Inc. Thanks to Terry Malcolm, Sunit Upadhyaya, Matt Kelley and Katie Lewis for making this vlog possible!

Scene fades to black.


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