Board Recruitment

Board members serve a 3-year term, attend quarterly Board meetings (held evenings at DEAF, Inc.''s Allston office, participate in a variety of Board committees (which have their own meeting schedules), and are strongly encouraged to participate in special agency events, such as the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and agency fundraising events. All meetings are ASL/English-interpreted. As Thomas Keydel, former Board President, added, "Board meetings are always fun!".DEAF, Inc. is always looking to expand our Board of Directors. As defined by our bylaws, the Board is made up of a majority of Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened members. At the same time, we strive for diversity in terms of hearing loss and hearing, vision loss and sight; racial, ethnic, and class diversity, as well as variety in the skills members bring to the Board and DEAF, Inc., including fundraising, marketing, public relations, computer, web, and Internet technology experience. DEAF, Inc. invites interested people to consider Board membership and to apply. As we seek to increase visibility in Boston''s professional arena, we are especially interested in individuals with strong business connections to help reach out to Boston''s corporate/private sector. Women and members of communities of color (whether Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened, or Hearing) are also encouraged to apply. DEAF, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors that is reflective of the community we serve. The Board of Directors has important responsibilities for the agency, and also act as ambassadors for DEAF, Inc. in the wider community.

If you would like to apply to become a member of DEAF, Inc.'s Board of Directors or want more information, please contact Sharon L. Applegate, Executive Director.

Wesley Ireland, Board PresidentWes Ireland

Elaine Gifford, MemberElaine Gifford
Vice President

John Sullivan, TreasurerJohn Sullivan

Diana Goldfarb, MemberDiana Goldfarb

Kathleen Anderson, board memberKathleen Anderson

Crystal Eusebio, Board MemberCrystal Eusebio

Michael Gardener, Esq., MemberMichael Gardener, Esq.

Kelly Kim, Board PresidentKelly S. Kim

Katie Lewis, board memberKatie Lewis

Nigel Long, Esq., MemberNigel Long, Esq.

Parinay Malik, MemberParinay Malik

Kerry Thompson, ClerkKerry Thompson

Lu Traina, MemberLu Traina

Sunit Upadhyaya, Board MemberSunit Upadhyaya

Dr. Shehzaad Zaman, MemberDr. Shehzaad Zaman

Sharon L. Applegate, Executive Director, Non-Voting MemberSharon L. Applegate
Executive Director
Non-Voting Member

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