40th Anniversary Gala! Vlog TranscriptHello! DEAF, Inc. is having a momentous event! The 40th Anniversary Gala!! Here are the details:

Transcript: The video begins with a shot of the “Welcome to Yawkey Way” sign outside of Fenway Park. Scene cuts to inside the park, where there are rows of stadium seats, then we see a close-up view of the grass and field. Next is a close up of a man tipping a red baseball cap and a woman in a Red Sox baseball cap nodding. There is a close up shot of a baseball glove and ball and then we see the baseball face paint close-up on the man’s cheek. There is a close up of the man wrapping his fingers around the handle of the baseball bat.

The Scene changes to down on the field, the man and woman are both dressed in Red Sox shirts and hats as they approach the camera. They are signing.

Julie: Wow!

Wes: We’re here!

Julie: I can’t believe it!

Wes to the audience: Hey there, my name is Wesley Ireland, I am a board member for DEAF, Inc.

Julie: I’m Julie Proud Ray, I’m the board secretary for Our Deaf Survivors Center, (ODSC)

Wes asks Julie: “Why are we here?”

Julie says to the audience: “We’re excited to announce that the Red Sox are hosting Deaf and Hard of Hearing night on September 6th. That is a
Wednesday night.

Wes: The game starts at 7:10 pm, but you’re welcome to come early for the pre-game social at the Budweiser Deck. It starts at 5:30 pm. Make sure to be at your seat around 6:45 – 6:50 pm to watch the ASL-interpreted announcement of the lineup and a Deaf Community member will be signing the National Anthem and another Deaf Community member will be signing they 7th inning stretch.

Julie: How do we order tickets?

Wes: You order tickets using the website below, (https://groupmatics.events/event/Deafhoh) , or select the link below the video and pay for your tickets. Why is it important to purchase tickets through the website?

Julie: If you use this website (https://groupmatics.events/event/Deafhoh) to buy tickets, the Red Sox will use the money and part of the proceeds will go to DEAF, Inc. and ODSC. So it’s important that you buy your tickets using the website so we can all sit together and have fun. Go Red Sox!

Wes: Yes! We will see you there!

Julie: I’m so excited

Julie and Wes walk away with their backs to the camera and we see the back of their baseball-style t-shirts, which reads "DEAF, Inc." and "ODSC" above the numbers 20 and 17 on them so together they make 2017.

Scene cuts to words on the screen with a grass background that reads: September 6, 2017 @ Fenway Park, DEAF, Inc. and ODSC present Deaf and Hard of Hearing night. For more information visit www.deafinconline.org and/or www.odscunity.org. The video ends with Julie and Wes’s back to the camera so you can read the DEAF, Inc. and ODSC with the numbers 20 and 17 on their shirts.

40th Anniversary Gala!
Updated Vlog Transcript

Video begins with “DEAF, Inc. 40th Anniversary Gala!” in white letters on a black screen.

Scene opens with a close-up of a man putting on a nice watch. He adjusts his black tie. His hair is slicked back, his beard neatly trimmed. He stands in front of a mirror and smooths out his shirt, tie, and black cardigan. He bends over to pick up a pair of casual blue Converse sneakers. He looks at the shoes with the outfit in the mirror, shakes his head, and puts them back on the floor. He then picks up a pair of black dress shoes, holds them up to the mirror, smiles, and gives a thumbs-up.

Scene changes to a close-up of an iPhone. In a FaceTime call, a woman (Crystal) appears on the screeN. She is standing in a coffee shop, wearing a knitted brown shirt. Her hair is brown and down in loose waves. She smiles broadly.

Crystal: [waving] Hello!! What’s up?

Scene changes to another woman (Alicia), with brown straight hair in a dark green shirt. Behind her is a white wall and a tan chair sits on the right.

Alicia: Hi Crystal! Do you mind helping me figure out what to wear to the Gala?

Crystal: Sure, no problem. What are the options?

Alicia: [picks up dark blue jeans and shows it to Crystal on the phone.]

Crystal: Jeans? No, jeans aren't a good idea.

Alicia: [Shakes head.] No? [Puts jeans down and shows Crystal a dress with blue and white flowers, with a quizzical look on her face.]

Crystal: Yes!! That is perfect and beautiful! Yes! Will I see you at the Gala?

Alicia: Yes, definitely!

Crystal: Bye!

Scene changes to Parinay, on the left, and Alicia, on the right. Parity is wearing his tie and cardigan and Alicia is wearing the blue and white flowered dress. Behind them is a bright white wall with a window.

Parinay: (to Alicia) Wow, you look great. Are you excited?!

Alicia: Yes I’m so excited!

Parinay: You ready to head out?

Both: Yes, lets go!

Alicia: [to the audience] We want you to join us in celebrating and supporting 40 years at DEAF, Inc.

Parinay: Wow! 40 years. What have they been up to?

Alicia: We are celebrating the Deaf community and DEAF, Inc.'s support of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind and Late-Deafened community all over Massachusetts. They also encourage bridging the gap between the Deaf and Hearing communities.

Parinay: Wow! So when is the Gala?

Alicia: Saturday, April 29 from 6:30 -10 pm

Parinay: I see, what will happen during the Gala?

Alicia: It will be a lot of fun. There will be cocktail hour with appetizers, dinner will be provided, entertainment and of course socializing! So, seize the opportunity to buy tickets now before they sell out. Also, the last day to buy tickets is April 15.

Parinay: For more information and to buy tickets, go to www.deafinconline.org/news/40th-anniversary-gala/

Alicia and Parinay at the same time: (to the audience) See you there!

Scene fades out to black screen with DEAF, Inc. 40th Anniversary Gala in white letters.

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